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Land Surveying & Civil Engineering

For over 35 years, Freeland & Associates has provided a full range of Surveying and Civil Engineering services. Freeland & Associates is licensed to practice engineering and land surveying in South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, and South Dakota. Additionally we are licensed land surveyors in Kansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Washington D.C.

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Working Toward A Sustainable Future
Freeland & Associates has always believed in the importance of stewardship of the land and its natural resources. As professional engineers, it is our responsibility to provide effective and innovative solutions to the challenges of sustainable development in a way that is compatible with sound economic principles. Freeland & Associates has multiple LEED ® Accredited Professionals on staff. We assist our engineers and designers in staying up to date on sustainability issues and techniques.

As the sustainability field continues to evolve, Freeland & Associates will remain committed to this movement and will work toward creating a sustainable future with our clients.

Land Surveying

Our large survey team, comprised of skilled and talented professionals, allows us to provide high quality, time sensitive surveys in an accurate and efficient manner. We have successfully completed nearly 70,000 jobs for national clients such as Lowes, Wal-Mart, Waffle House, and Michelin, as well as local companies such as The Greenville Hospital System, Verdae Development, Milliken & Company, and Lazarus-Shouse.

Land Surveying Services Include:

* Full-Service Land Surveying
* Boundary Surveying
* Topographic Surveying
* ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys
* Construction Stake-Out
* Plot Plans
* Government Projects
* Wetlands Surveys
* Subdivision Plats
* Control Surveys
* As-Built Surveys

Civil Engineering

Freeland & Associates has provided a full range of Civil Engineering services for over 35 years. We have excelled in all areas of design including commercial, office, retail, industrial, and residential. We take pride in producing functional, workable plans that leave few questions for the contractors in the field. Our experienced staff of Professional Engineers has designed thousands of projects including over 700 subdivisions and all of our engineers are cross-trained to handle each aspect of the project from beginning to end. In addition to engineering we provide construction administration, CEPSCI inspections, planning services, and other civil engineering related services.

Civil Engineering Services Include:

* Residential, Commercial & Industrial Design
* Road, Street, Sidewalk Design
* Land Planning
* Storm Drainage
* Sanitary Sewer
* Lift Stations
* Potable Water
* Grading Plans
* Hydrology Studies
* Stormwater Quality, Quantity & Pollution Prevention Plans
* Erosion Control Plans
* Costs Analysis & Budgets
* Flood Studies
* Floodplain Development Permits
* FEMA LOMAs/LOMRs/No Rise Certificates